Native Solitreo Font Integration - Solitreo Project

Introducing new native Solitreo integration on LadinoType!  Yesterday, Dr. Bryan Kirschen and Nathan Gross of Documenting Judeo-Spanish released The Solitreo Project, a fully functional native Solitreo computer font that works across computer applications, websites, or anywhere you want to see Solitreo!

Inspired by this release, I worked late into the night to integrate the font into LadinoType.

New Documents

Now you can select the Solitreo Project font in the font selector when writing any new document.

Existing Documents

You can also view any existing document in the new font too!

Copy and Paste

Once your text is rendered, you can even copy and paste it into other computer applications if you have the font installed on your computer.  Here is the text copied into a Microsoft Word document.

Compare Tool

Check out the compare tool today to see how the Solitreo Project font looks compared to the other fonts available on LadinoType.

Try it out today!