Shopify WebHook Problem - Affects Shopify customers

We have had several reports from customers over the last week of orders that are being placed into their shopify system and not making it into spiff. 

Upon investigation we found that this was in fact a problem with the shopify webhooks and seems to be affecting random orders. 

Shopify Engineers have committed to having the problem fixed over the next couple of days. We will notify customers once the bug has been fixed. 

Important note - You will not loose any orders. All of the order meta-data should be in the line item of your shopify order and if you do not want to wait until shopify has fixed the problem you can re-rerun the order as an internal order within spiff. 

Please contact if you need any help retrieving or replaying orders. 

Advanced Editor v2

With the recent release of rendering engine (Papyrus) we have now deployed our new look advanced editor. To begin, you can just move the objects in the canvas around. You will also notice our handy transform calculator which tells you the width, height and position of the selected object. 

Check in regularly as our advanced editor becomes more functional every week. 

Papyrus is born

Whilst the engine that powered our editor had been a workhorse that served us well over the years, our customers ever increasing demands for an experience that is robust, super fast and feature rich has meant that it was time for a rebuild. 

Papyrus V1(TM) was released on 31st of August and promises build in more functionality, interactivity coupled with a lighting fast experience. 

Changes you will notice ? Not much yet but you will see a significant improvement in speeds and reliability. 

Changes to watch out for ? The release of our advanced mode step which will allow merchants to offer more control over the design should they wish. Some of the features to be released over the coming weeks will be: 

1. Moving regions for each step type into different positions
2. Adding more text fields and uploaded images
3. Bulk ordering
4. Headless designing
5. Advanced mode in the workflow editor

and many more ...... 

New Ecommerce Plugin for Neto

Being able to customise just got so much easier in NETO.

Neto is an Ecommerce platform like Shopify and Big Commerce and Spiff has released its NETO plugin. Now Ecommerce customers on NETO can get access to a world class product customisation and fulfilment automation system.  

What does this mean? Here’s a quick rundown. You will be able to:

  • Display your products interactively in 3D
  • Offer customisation of your products
  • Offer personalisation of your products

The Spiff add on will be available for purchase in the Neto store in just a few weeks. In the meantime, Contact spiff support to be part of the beta release. 

Demo Store :

Syncing Spiff Workflows With Store Products

We have made it easier to sync spiff workflows with your created products in your ecommerce store. You can now edit your product integrations external ID and add the desired product ID from your store to successfully sync and see the spiff customise me button for that product.

Now on your store when you click the customise me button the desired workflow experience will load.

Onboarding Improvements

Further improvements that bring together the creation of a product, workflow experience and the 3D model.  When a product is created and it doesn't have a workflow attached, you will now see a create workflow button in the edit product page.

When you follow this path and create a workflow you finish with a workflow and 3D model that are automatically linked to the product from which you created them. This will allow more merchants to intuitively navigate the spiff3D platform even with little or no experience. 

First Iteration of Workflow Experience Themes

Spiff has released its first iteration of theme configuration. This will give the merchant the ability to configure the Spiff Iframe Workflow UI to look more like their website look and feel. In this first iteration, we have given customers the ability to set a global font to the integration. 

To do this - Go to Themes in the Content drop down of the nav bar, Create a new theme, select your font and save it. Then go to the relevant integration in the partner drop down and scroll to the bottom of the page and link the theme. 

Only available on enterprise plans or above

Preview Image Fixes

Fixes and improvements to 3D model preview generator. Improvements to stability, reliability and resolution. The preview image now presents better than in it did before allowing the merchant to set the final snapshot from the workflow editor general configurations. 

Improvements to Workflow Editor in SpiffHub

Workflows are now a lot easier to follow as we have now incorporated the 3D model into the creation of a workflow. On creation of a workflow, you are now presented with the option to add your 3D model which allows you to interactively link materials to panels in order to map objects to the 3D model in the format you require. 

Upon Creating a workflow we also automatically create the panels you linked and create a default color step which allows you to create a workflow experience with basic color changes in under 4 clicks. 

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