SpatialChat Release 02/04/21

Hey guys! Great news! We have already cooked a new big update for our users because they're the best users ever 😍 


- We've added reactions and customization mode for our Stage 😎 Now your presentations and performance will be better then ever 🙋 

- Also we've released full-white label mode for our Custom Plan! Now you can customize your space with your logos only 💪 

- Now the all Admins can turn on requirement of all fields on Welcome Page for their guests (check Space Settings) 👮 

- And the last thins in this list but not the last in your wishes - now users can change their Profile Data right into the space 👻 

- Now you can add some reactions to any messages in ChatBar😊 

- Also we've added some bug fixes and improvements 👷 

Terms of Services update

We've made changes to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

The major change is that our company is now called SpatialChat LTD, which finally reflects the name of our product :)

Quick overview:

- with the new company, we are still the same people and owners

- SpatialChat smoothly transitioned our self-serviced payments system, so no other actions are required from your side if you are using Standard Plan

If you are our business customer, then your Account Manager is managing your future invoices to be with the correct credentials.

Check full guide four business customers.

SpatialChat Release 15/03/21

Hey guys! We work every day for improvement and development of our cool product and now we've already cooked a new release 😎 

Change log:

- Some improvements for our balloon-chat like mobile support 📲 

- Some bug fixes for our beta room - Stage, now it's more better! 🎸 

- New Share icon in ToolBar for the easiest seeking 📌 

- Some improvements for the system stabilization and scaling  📈 

SpatialChat Release 02/03/21

Hey guys! We have already updated SpatialChat 🙂 Feel free to explore our new features 

Change log:

- Our major feature is already here! Ladies and gentleman - Stage 😎 This is a new type of our room where you can be like a speaker (up to 3 on Stage) or can be like a listener (up to 1000!). Feel free to use this thing for your event for the best experience 😉  

- We've added moderation feature for our ChatBar 👮  Now Admins and Hosts can delete messages from any room

- Toolbar Chat is back with a new face💃 Now you can send balloon-messages and see it on the map with your spot but also at the same time you can find this message in the ChatBar 🏂 

SpatialChat Release 02/03/21

Hey guys! It's amazing day today! Our new release has been already released on production! 

Change log:

- Brand new design with new face! Feel free to explore it now🏄 

- We've added Room chat for everyone 💃  Our users can text to everyone in every room!


SpatialChat Release 16/02/21


Hey guys! It's a good day today :) We've released a new version of SpatialChat! 😊 

Change log:

  • We have prolongated current terms of our Free Plan till March 1st 💃 
  • Fix of appearing Miro (and other) links in our balloon-message  💪
  • Your screensharing is better now because we fixed bug with a size of the screen share window 👌 
  • Now we can support new versions of Safari browser without any problems! Feel free to explore it 🙀 

Getting Started in 3 Steps

Our team is happy and humbled to see you here.

You are 3 steps away from a beautifully designed newsfeed powered with fancy widgets and email notifications.

Step 1 - Create a Post:
Write down your first post! To do it go to Post > Create New post.

Step 2 - Create a Widget:
Set up a fancy widget without any coding. Go to Widgets > Create a new widget. Play around with different combinations of actions and widgets types.

Step 3 - Integrate to your Website:
Make your users know about your updates by integrating the AnnounceKit to your website. You can insert the widget, or just a link to your website. You can also use our Wordpress Plugin, Intercom Integration for quick setup.

SpatialChat + Giphy = ❤

Now you can add any GIF to the room with just a few clicks.

For example, with cats

We also added a warning that you shouldn't add many objects to the room, as some users may have performance problems due to this. So don't add a lot of cats. Five is the optimal amount.

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