Incident report 04-22-2021

On April 22nd, 2021, some users experienced service downtime, which started at around 5:40 pm CET and lasted until 6:20 pm CET (11:40 am - 12:40 pm ET).

The cause of the problem

A DDoS attack caused this problem. Our engineering team saw this in our real-time monitoring systems and reacted immediately. 

How this affected some of our users 

There were spaces that users couldn't join due to server overload caused by this DDoS attack.

Our team resolved the issue in 40 minutes. 


The solution was to identify and block sources of malicious traffic as well as scale our backend infrastructure and improve load distribution to handle several times more requests than usual.

To avoid similar problems in the future, we've prioritized our work to address our systems' threat detection and scalability earlier than was previously scheduled.

Everyone who has been affected by this issue - we bring you our apology and commit to avoiding such problems in the future. Thank you for staying with us!


SpatialChat Engineering Team

New soundwave and some fixes

We have changed the sound wave around your bubble, and thanks to this, we have significantly reduced the load on the user's processor. Hurrah!

Now SpaceID has become a Space URL - which is more understandable for users.

We've also fixed a few bugs. 😉

November 25th update: domain links, memorizing devices and more

Links in messages

Previously, if you sent a link to the chat that contained domains of the second or more levels, it was recognized as a link. For example "" (it doesn't seem to work correctly on Annoncekit either). This is now fixed in SpatialChat.

Memorizing devices

Now you don't have to select a device every time on the welcome page. Once you have selected a specific camera or microphone, the next time you log into SpatialChat, that device will already be selected.

Solving the problem with reconnection

Some of our users had problems using SpatialChat when changing the connection type (for example, changing the wifi or connecting the cable). Similar issues have been fixed.